Hi! I am Carlos, a passionate about technology.

Recently, I have dedicated myself to teaching, but to a greater extent, I've been creating custom software for diverse business and industrial environment.

In constant search of new knowledge, I like to design and build almost anything.

Carlos Mestre

  • Systems and Networks
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Xcode (iOs)
  • Android
  • Bash / Batch / Shell script
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • NodeJs
  • GIT
  • React
  • Java
  • Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Microcontrollers and PCB design
  • Docker
  • Nginx
  • UPV - Polytechnic University of Valencia
    OCT 2002 - JAN 2011

    Telecommunications Engineering, specialized in Networks

    I will highlight three things I learned at the University: It"s easy for me to take any concept no matter how difficult or complicated as it may seem; I am able to develop any project that I could design and to implement perseverance, dedication and effort in every task, and not only in the ones that I find interesting.

  • AIT - Athlone Institute of Technology
    OCT 2007 - SEP 2009

    Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Wireless Communications

    At Ireland, I learned that there's more than one way to teach. Dividing ideas into simple and concise concepts can be more effective, even if it seems simplistic. Additionally, I learned about the influence of language on thinking, and how learning in English allowed me to grasp mathematical and programming concepts more quickly and efficiently than in Spanish.

  • Native Spanish
  • Native Catalonian
  • English - Bachelor"s Degree
  • German - Basic
Work experience
  • Universidad de Nebrija
    ENE 2023 - PRESENTE
    Associate professor

    I have started collaborating with the University of Nebrija, where I am having the opportunity to teach with a new level of challenge. I am excited about this new challenge in my career and the possibility of helping new generations become well-prepared and skilled professionals.

    As a teacher, I try to create a collaborative and educational environment. But most of all, I bring value by maintaining a practical focus on concepts and theories. In contrast to other teachers with a more academic background, my work experience in development allows me to convey how they are applied in the business world and how students can use what they have learned in their future jobs.

    • Programming II
    • Data structures and algorithms
    • Software engineering
    • Project Management
  • KRONO study center

    At Krono, I have been teaching adults. On one hand, it has been very pleasant, I think I have a relatively good ability and it has been nice to relieve the pressures of delivery times for a while.

    On the other hand, I have missed the feeling of creating. For my part, I am not satisfied with just performing a job, I want to feel that it is useful.

    • SEPE - Spanish Education for the Unemployed (IVET/CVET):
    • IFCT0609 - Computer systems programming
    • IFCT0310 - Database administration
    • ELEM0111 - Assembly and maintenance of domotic and inmotic systems
    • Non official courses:
    • BBDD, Web
    • SAP, Digital Literacy (Red Cross)
    OCT 2017 - MAR 2020

    At Ficosa, I have my first experience as a consultant. Although I'm nervous about not fitting in such a corporate system, it's providing me with incredible opportunities.

    I am assigned as a consultant in the antenna R&D department. My responsibilities include: Server management, prototyping, and creating other internal tools.

    • V2X Vehicle-to-everything
    • ERP consultant
    • Maps and geopositioning
    • Multi-access edge cloud computing
    • Embedded: Yocto, Qt
    • DDBB: mySQL, Oracle
    • DevOps: LAMP - MEAN
    • Android: NDK - C++
  • Inbenta
    JAN 2016 - JUL 2017

    At Inbenta, we are dedicated to improving self-service indices through a natural language-based search engine.

    As part of this team, I have demonstrated my ability to coordinate with large teams and adapt to their methodologies and workflows. This experience has taught me the value of distributing and delegating work to specialists in each field and following a strict task distribution, although I am not used to being involved in the entire development process.

    But the best and most important thing of all has been the opportunity to meet some fantastic work colleagues.

    • Inbenta product integration with client"s existing solution
    • Search engine based on natural language recognition
    • Dealing with international clients
    • Nginx, PHP, JS, jQuery
    • VUE
    • React

  • Appogeo
    OCT 2016 - DEC 2016

    appOgeo is a start-up developing a travel App

    At Appogeo, I wanted to participate in a startup process. With an impressive technical demonstration and some brilliant colleagues, I took on the project with the firm intention of helping to consolidate and advance it from a project to a product.

    In this conceptual testing stage, the company had a very dynamic philosophy, with frequent changes in specifications, requirements and objectives.

    With a dynamic spirit and a lot of ambition, Appogeo aims to both organize the photos and memories of your trips, as well as suggest destinations or places and participate in the reservation processes.

    The application is not quite defined yet: there is a constant change in specifications and frequently code is only used as a proof of concept.

    • PHP / iOs
    • Start-up concept
    • webAPIs
  • Duplex Marketing
    MARCH 2016 - JUN 2016

    At Duplex, we focused on creating top-notch marketing campaigns for our first-class clients.

    I began with fear of not measuring up to the job. The high demands of presentations and deadlines, and being away from previous, more technical roles, made me nervous. However, I was personally interested in developing my ability to present projects with a high level of polish.

    At Duplex, I performed a mix of tasks, including systems, cloud management, back-end development, besides all the front end implementation.

    • Programming en PHP, Jquery, MySQL... LAMP environment
    • Marketing and advertisments
    • Amazon AWS
    • Magento & Woocomerce
    • Photoshop and CSS Layouts
  • apeIT
    SEP 2013 - MARCH 2016

    I learned a lot at apeIT

    apeIT is a dynamic start-up focused on agile, efficient and fast development cycles. I made the most of my time at the company, working on different projects integrated within the same ERP, and learned a lot in the process.

    Living in Germany and Hungary allowed me to improve my language skills and experience different approaches to problem-solving. Being away from my family and friends taught me how to be independent and face challenges effectively. Overall, this experience helped me grow professionally.

    Although my time at apeIT was very positive, I decided to return home to be closer to my loved ones.

    • Programming in PHP, jQuery, MySQL... LAMP environment
    • ERP development for corporate clients
    • Laravel based framework
    • Responsible for planning and mobile application development
    • Complete solution including IT and support
    • Frequent trips to clients factories
    • Nginx
  • Freelance
    JUN 2011 - SEP 2013

    My freelance experience was very enriching

    Working as a freelancer allowed me to focus on what I love the most: designing and bringing my projects to life, while continuously learning new technologies. I worked on various projects including home automation, website and blog design, online presence consulting, and more.

    Additionally, I was also a part of several startups that, although they didn't succeed, provided me with valuable team-working experience and honed my skills. Finally, after a sincere evaluation of my commercial abilities and the lack of a partner to supplement my weaknesses, I decided to seek employment as an employee.

    • Conecta un sueño (Link a Dream)
    • VideonWall
    • Automation projects for individuals, including home automation

  • Games Valley
    SEP 2001 - OCT 2002

    Most likely the best time of my life

    About to turn 18, I asked for a loan and got the transfer of a Video Games rental store. I changed the main business of sale/rental to a pay per hour schema on gaming machines. I Dealed with the public, had responsibilities, had money and played video games a lot. I do not know what else to ask for a job.

    • Evaluation of costs and benefits
    • Dealing with distributors: hardware, office material and games
    • Systems integrator
    • Business management: paperwork, banks, social security, contracts ...
    • Self employed
    • I had an employee for a period of 5 months
  • Others
    2010 ~ 2011
    TEACHER, IT...

    I like being busy

    Over the years I have had several irrelevant or short-term jobs. Although usually, performing technical functions not always had been the case.

    • Private Teacher
    • Teacher at Sciences Information Center (Centro Ciencias Información S.L.)
    • IT technician Computer Support Valdelasfuentes (Soporte Informático Valdelasfuentes S.L.)
    • Waiter in train station Cafe
    • Dependent at freesh vegetables section, Carrefour
    • Kitchen helper
About me

A set of skills that make me a great programmer.

Smart, patient, tolerant, curious, persistent, and a perfectionist.

Pay close attention to detail and I hate failing.

Enjoy new challenges.

Don't like to ask for or need help from others, but I appreciate help if I need it.

  • Building Games
  • Video Games
  • Space Exploration
  • Science fiction
  • Table games
  • Cooking
  • 15 years of martial arts
  • Skiing, diving